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Welcome to
The Sharks
Triathlon Club

Sharks Triathlon Club: Welcome

The Club is based in the Redlands in South East Qld, and prides itself on being affordable, family friendly, supportive and with a strong social focus.
Our aim is to encourage participation at all levels and ages.
Whether you are just starting out and want to finish your first event, complete an Ironman or to represent Australia at a World Championship, we have the atmosphere and the experience to coach and help people achieve their goals.

"During our family’s time in triathlon we have benefited enormously from the support of the Sharks Triathlon Club. Stepping into the role of President is an opportunity to give a little back to members who have been so helpful and supportive."

John Warlters
- President of Sharks Triathlon Club

Sharks Triathlon Club: About

"I have been a member of this club from its early days when we had 10 members, and since then it has been the people we have in this club that have inspired me to continue to be involved.
Seeing our junior athletes and our first timers cross the finish line with the biggest smiles on their faces is inspiring.
Seeing one of our Ironman triathletes finally achieve his goal of completing an Ironman on his third attempt with 2 minutes to spare before the 17 hour cut-off is inspiring.
We still have our inaugural president, the legend Shane Knight, as a member of the club which is a fantastic link to our origins.
Welcome to our Club website, I hope you get inspired too!!!"
Richard Cahill
- Former Club President and Life Member of Sharks Triathlon Club

Sharks Triathlon Club: About
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Sharks Triathlon Club: Events

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Sharks Triathlon Club: About
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325 Colburn Avenue
Victoria Point, Redlands Coast,

Queensland, 4165

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Sharks Triathlon Club: Contact

Thanks to our sponsors for the support you provide throughout the year.

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Sharks Triathlon Club: Clients
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Sharks Triathlon Club: Clients
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